• Your privacy is respected.
  • This highlights of our full privacy statement and applies to the collection and handling of your personal information.
  • We are committed to providing a secure, controlled environment to balance and explore your brain balance.

Data security and privacy

  • We take extensive and proactive measures to ensure security and privacy for our clients. To ensure that only you see your brain information, we employ robust, multi-layered encryption and authentication methods, plus regular audits of our methods, to protect against unauthorized access to our systems. We also employ software, hardware, and physical security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the computers where we store your data.

Personal information

  • Once you become client we collect and store personal information about you, including Account Information (contact and payment information) and individual brain information such as frequencies in particular locations of the brain.
  • We may ask to collect objective and subjective information (health conditions and personal goals) which you can provide on a voluntary basis. If you choose to participate in research, no personal identifiable information will be included in the studies.

Uses of information

  • We collect personal information from you to provide you with our service and for conducting Brain State Technologies authorized research.
  • We use Account Information to enable your purchase, inform you when your survey information is available to you. We may also use the information to authenticate your website visits and usage.
  • We may use Brainwave Optimization information to conduct Brain State Technologies authorized scientific research and development. Any information you provide is done on a voluntary basis. We do not provide third party organizations access to this information.
  • We will not release your personal information to any outside company without your explicit consent.
  • We use non-personal information to track and monitor aggregate usage of our website and for internal analysis, quality control, and improvements to our services.

Your choices

  • Participation in activities and services that involve personal information beyond initial account and Brainwave Optimization information is voluntary and permission-based.
  • It is entirely within your discretion to provide information or answer survey questions.
  • At your request we will delete your account and personal information linked to your account from our systems.

If you have would like additional information

* This privacy statement may be modified from time to time.


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