Meditation retreats

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator these meditation retreats take your meditation to new heights.

These retreats are unique and unlike anything you have experienced.

These meditation retreats compliment most styles of meditation.

Each session involves being comfortably seated on a perfectly comfortable chair, gently placing sensors on your scalp, then measuring your specific brain frequencies from each area of your brain.

Your brain is then precisely measured using the best meditation technology available.

The brain balance assessment process shows which areas of your brain are over active and which areas are under active. Using our specialized brain wave optimization process we then design a meditation retreat that is perfectly matched to your brain and your objectives.

Our meditation programs are developed by neuroscience experts to improve mental agility, clarity, focus, and give you a more balanced life.

All programs are all-natural with no harmful side-effects.

Meditation retreats include:

My best meditation

This program is for experienced meditators that feel called to their best meditation ever. Bring your meditation practice, let us know your preferences, and we do the rest to make sure you have as many blissful deep meditations in a row as you choose.

Easy meditation

This program is for new meditators or anyone that has difficulty meditating. No special knowledge needed. Just come as you are and we do the rest to make sure you experience blissful easy meditation each and every day of your meditation retreat.

Healing meditations

This program is for those that know the power of healing meditations or would like to experience the power of healing meditations. Bring your intentions and we do the rest to make sure you experience the wonder of healing meditations each and every day of your meditation retreat.

Best meditation retreats

See the kind of brain balance and meditation results others have experienced with our meditation retreats.

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