Lee Gerdes

Lee Gerdes has a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Math and Physics majors and also advanced studies in Math and Physics. He also holds a Masters Degree in Divinity with advanced studies in Psychology.

Lee's background includes Systems Analyst, Pastoral Counselor, Management Consultant, and his most recent position was as Vice President of Solutions for NetPerceptions.

Lee was featured on ABC News Nightline for his work at NetPerceptions and their creation of specialized software to help web site visitors find items they would more likely find interesting while shopping online.


Lee Gerdes from Brain State Technologies

Lee's education and personal need to experience more happiness and less stress led him to research specific "brain states" for health and happiness.

In 2004, Lee started KudoZone, the company that became Brain State Technologies™ in 2005. The company now has affiliate offices throughout the world.

Lee is the author of the book "Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain."

Lee Gerdes, his work and Brain State Technologies™ have been featured in a large number of newspaper articles, radio shows, and television interviews.

He has given lectures throughout the world on the subject of the balanced brain functioning and its connection to life experience.

Ever the scientist, Lee is a self proclaimed "geek" and researcher. He has participated in a range a behavioral and brain related studies.

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"When a brain becomes balanced and harmonized, it reaches a place of homeostasis, of operating under and with a certain grade or level of potency and potential that it did not have previously.

"I do know this, when there is the balance and harmony and the homeostasis does take place, many pathologies we have seen have actually ceased or have been greatly reduced.

"Many pathologies that we have seen people walk in the door with, when they balanced and harmonized their brain patterns, those pathologies seem to lessen greatly or be completely removed."

Lee Gerdes
Founder/CEO of Brain State Technologies


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