Compare brain training programs

Clients receive Us Others
Individually tailored sessions
Certified staff ?
Non invasive ?
Easy process - sit back and relax while your brain does the work
Comfortable surroundings ?
Private room ?
Ultra comfortable meditation/zero gravity chair
Client reports ?
Case management specialists
Continuous service assurance
Follow up care ?
Strict confidentiality and privacy
Talk therapy dependent ?
Train the brain to balance itself

Research and development


More than 10 years of research and development


Largest known database on the planet

Advancing neuroscience and ongoing research

Complimentary with other approaches


Leading scientists in the field




Custom sessions for each client
One size fits all approach
Real time brain balancing
Optimization of brainwaves
Dynamic instant selection of protocols
Continuous technological advancement
Difficult training to consciously affect brainwaves (operant conditioning)
Train brain to balance itself


Proven effective
Fast: 1 to 2 weeks for most people ?
Lasting results


Symptom based
Holistic approach ?
Research and data driven ?
Take home CD

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