Brainwave Optimization with RTB™
(Real Time Balancing)

Brainwave Optimization™ is a technique that combines the best of science with the brain’s natural ability to bring itself to clarity and improved cognition.

Brainwave Optimization™ is a way of measureably optimizing brain function in as little as one week.

Brainwaves reveal much about brain function. Brainwave Optimization™ accurately "measures and sees" which brainwaves are overactive and which are underactive in each of the areas of the brain.

Brainwave Optimization™ converts brain frequencies into interesting and often beautiful sounds heard through ear phones.

Brainwave Optimization™ encourages the brain to generate more or less of specific brain frequencies, depending on what is needed to achieve measureable brain balance.

Brainwave Optimization™ processes information so fast that the brain "hears and sees" itself as it generates the brainwaves. This "brain dance" happens hundreds of times each second.

As the brain receives this "reflection of its itself" it naturally begins to move itself toward a new brain balance. As this happens the sounds begin changing and the brain continues to see itself changing. This process is measureable and can also be viewed on the computer screen.

The brain begins to observe and "resonate" with itself, naturally moving toward balanced brainwave functioning in the areas and frequencies being focussed upon.

Brainwave Optimization™ is based on many aspects of science in biofeedback and neurofeedback but is unique. See how Brainwave Optimization™ is different than biofeedback and neurofeedback.

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