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  • Short introduction to brain wave optimization
    Brain wave optimization is a significant advance in optimizing brain functioning for a healthier, happier and more fullfilling life...
  • Introduction to brain wave optimization
    Brain wave optimization is arguably the single most important advance in optimizing brain balance for a healthier, happier and more fullfilling life...
  • Brain balance results
    Brain Wave Optimization™ is a method of balancing and optimizing the brain. Hear directly from people that have experienced it and how it's made a difference in their lives.
  • Relief from anxiety and panic
    An NBC station in Oklahoma does a piece on Brain Wave Optimization and the brain technology that powers it.
  • Help with post traumatic stress disorder
    An Iraq war veteran discusses how Brain Wave Optimization helped "melt away" his post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)...
  • Help with addiction
    See an addicts "normal" brain patterns and how after just 20 minutes of brain wave optimization his brain balance was measurably different...
  • Help after brain surgery
    A woman talks about her experience with Brain Wave Optimzation after major brain surgery and how it has changed her life...
  • Dramatic brain training results
    Rose-Anne Turunen, journeys with her son and daughter to to investigate brain training and discuss how brain training works with founder of Brain State Technologies, Lee Gerdes. Dramatic brain changes occurred in the week long trip.
  • The brain that changes itself
    Based on the best-selling book by psychiatrist and researcher Dr. Norman Doidge, a look at how we view the human mind...
  • Changing your mind
    Leading-edge research into the problems of the complex human mind, a follow-up to the documentary The Brain that Changes Itself.
  • Neuroplasticity
    Psychiatrist Norman Doidge tells us why he thinks our brains are capable of re-shaping and even re-making themselves. And why this might be a huge step forward in treating mental illnesses.
  • Mindfulness stress reduction and healing
    This covers the revolution in medicine over the past 30 years that once again acknowledges a mind-body connection and the benefits of brain balance...
  • Trauma and the brain-mind-body connection
    Learn about the impact of lifes traumas and how they can affect us personally...
  • Neurons that shaped civilization
    A neuroscientist outlines the amazing functions of mirror neurons. Recently discovered, these neurons allow us to learn complex social behaviors, some of which formed the foundations of civilization...
  • Re-wiring the brain
    A neuroscientist looks at one of the secrets of the brain: its ability to actively re-wire itself. He's researching ways to harness the brain's plasticity to enhance our skills and recover lost function.
  • The tale of two brains - differences between men and women
    The tale of two brains is part of a DVD seminar called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage". Good for a smile...


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