Brain training process

Although our brain training relies on an advanced knowledge of computers and brain function, the process is simple, holistic and effective.

Brain training processThe brain is the control center for the entire body

The brain is the control center for our entire body. It controls every cell, every organ, every tissue and the entire autonomic nervous system (composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems). More...

Brain trainingTraumas – both emotional and physical – can knock brainwaves out of balance.

Many of us suffer from some measure of brain energy imbalance. When this is the case, a difficult period in our lives can exacerbate the imbalance, with unpleasant consequences. More...

Brain training processBehavior is often the body’s way of working to balance brainwaves that are out of sync.

Because the brain is causing the person to do what he or she needs to do in order to survive, we see behaviors (like addictions, rage, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, shoplifting, learning challenges, and self-harm) as survival mechanisms, not as moral failings. More...

Brain training processBrainwave Optimization produces a map of the brain that shows exactly where and how brainwaves are out of balance.

Brain training begins with an assessment of the individual’s brain patterns. Performing a brain assessment is a straightforward process that involves no more than connecting one end of a set of sensors to a computer, then placing the other end on the individual’s head in a variety of different locations in order to detect the energy patterns of the brain. More...

Brain training processThrough sensors placed at points of brainwave disturbance, the sounds of healthy brainwaves are transmitted to the brain, enticing it to seek balance and harmony. This is what we call “Brainwave Optimization.”

For thousands of years, people have sought to train their own by brain by enabling it to become its own mirror through meditation. Brainwave Optimization (also called “brain training”) takes a step beyond toward relaxation and self-regulation. More...

Brain training processThe brain hears and absorbs the healthy patterns and returns to balance and harmony.

When the brain is balanced, it is working in an integrated fashion, free of internal conflict between its regions. Each area of the brain is active as it needs to be in support of the activity of the other areas. More...

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Rory G
Nicely explained! I really love the elegant simplicity of this approach.

Ally from Cally
Why this sort of thing isn't part of a real medical system is beyond me.

I have suffered from brain injury for years. The best mainstream medicine could do was drug me out and send me from doctor to doctor to doctor getting effing nowhere.

This brain training and brain supplementation made more of a difference in a few weeks than the doctors made in 10 years.

time commitment
frank walerko
how many days are required for this treatment and can the sessions be broken up.

This info addresses several of my concerns

Even though the process looks straightforward enough, I was skeptical but wantingly optimistic - I tried brain training 2 years ago and can say that it has changed my life for the better. I feel profoundly better than I used to and calmer in difficult situations.

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