Brain training explained

Brain training explainedBrain training is the fastest and easiest way to help people. Period.

Whether you are someone facing a personal challenge trying to "get your life back", an athlete who wants to perform at a higher level, an artist who wants to be more creative, or a person that wants more from life, Brainwave Optimization is the gold standard in brain training.

Brain training can change your life ... for good

Your brain is the control center for everything you do. It drives your visual and spatial senses, attention and concentration, memory, language and your ability to reason and be logical. When your brainwaves are out of balance, so is everything else. Brain training can return your brainwaves to balance.

Just about every one of us has experienced a trauma or crisis that can throw the brainwaves out of synchronization. This can result in eating and sleep disturbances, addictions, feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger and irritability and physical pain and discomfort.

Brainwave Optimization with Real-Time Balancing (RTB)™ is an effective, holistic and non-invasive method that guides your brain back to its natural, healthy, balanced state.

Every series of sessions begins with a brain map. Special sensors are placed on specific locations on your scalp. These sensors collect information that enables you to actually see your brain functioning. Our brain trainers work with you to interpret the data and describe your brain balance and brain imbalances.

We work with you to set goals and then, we work with your brain to restore it to its natural state of balance and harmony. The brain training sessions involve translating your brainwaves into melodious sounds, allowing the brain to “hear” itself and coaxing it into harmony.

Every brain is different. We don’t train your brain to meet a standard or an average. Your brain is optimal when it arrives at its own unique state. Although the time required to restore balance and harmony to the brain varies from person to person, most clients find a level of relief within just a few sessions. The average duration is 10 to 12 sessions. Your brain trainer works with you to identify and meet your goals.

Most people find that once their goals are met, there is little need for additional sessions. However, some clients choose to visit us again during stressful life incidents or when they are seeking deeper relaxation, clearer thinking or improved performance.

Brain training is for:

Athletes improve focus, concentration, clarity of thought, reaction times and dexterity.
Artists, musicians, writers and executives create new neural networks that can open up discoveries, creativity and positive energy.
Children, labeled as “learning disabled,” find that they are learning-abled, understanding their own brain strengths and opening up pathways for learning, achievement and success.
Teenagers, overwhelmed by constant stimuli and often diagnosed as ADD or ADHD, find that they can learn to focus, discipline their thinking, conserve their energy and experience greater clarity, joy and confidence.
Addicts, driven by impulse and habit instead of logic and intent, are released from the tyranny of their “drug of choice.”
Insomniacs and those who suffer from headaches and pain find themselves restored.
Women, stressed out and run down by relentless responsibilities, find new energy, beauty and passion for life, children, partner and play.
Men, stressed out and feeling run down by responsibilities, find new energy and passion for life.
Students, wanting to improve their focus, get better grades, and experience greater confidence.
Soldiers find that they can come home again. Restoring balance and harmony to the brain eases the transition and erases instincts that may no longer serve them well.
Those suffering with physical and emotional traumas find that disturbances decrease.
Older persons strengthen their memory, physical energy, experience calm and clarity of thought.

We invite you to experience the “limitless you” and dive into the infinite possibilities that brain training has for you.

Learn more about the brain technology that powers our brain training process.

See brain training results.

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