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With each brain train program you are seated on a wonderfully comfortable chair, sensors are gently placed on your scalp, then your brain frequencies are measured using state-of-art brain train technology.

The brain train assessment shows which areas of your brain are over active and which areas are under active.

Then using a specialized brain wave optimization process, a brain train program is created that is perfectly matched to your brain and objectives.

Our brain train programs are developed by neuroscience experts to improve mental agility and give you a more active and balanced life.

Designed to keep the brain sharp, healthy and youthful, all programs are all-natural, non-invasive, no side-effects, and help ward off effects of age-related decline.

Brain train programs include:

Brain builder

Many people feel held back from living the life they would really like to live. The brain builder program focusses on building and strengthening areas of brain function that you feel could do with some help. This program lays the foundation for new beginnings.

Brain boost

Our brain boost program is ideal for anyone that feels like their brain (and life) needs a boost. Just tell us what areas of your functioning you would to boost and we will work to enhance them. We can target areas like creativity, focus, memory, sports performance, and many more.

Brain spa

People visit spas as a way to escape from day-to-day stress and enhance wellness. Most spas focus on physical relaxation as a way to achieve mental relaxation. Our brain spa program focusses on brain balance to help you feel blissful and enhance your sense of well being. Brain spa results can be truly astonishing.

Stress reducer

In the modern world brain stress is hard to avoid. Brain stress affects the physical body, overall health, relationships, and many other aspects of life. Our stress reducer program hones in on the measurably stressed out areas of your brain and melts away stress like nothing you can imagine.


See the kind of brain train results others have achieved with our brain train programs.

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