Brain support programs

Brain support programsEach of our brain support programs involve being seated on an amazingly comfortable chair, gently attaching sensors to your scalp, then measuring your specific brain frequencies.

Your brain balance is accurately measured with our brain support technology.

The brain assessment reveals which areas of your brain are over active and which areas are under active. Using our specialized brain wave optimization process a brain support program is designed that is perfectly matched to your brain and your objectives.

Our brain support programs are developed by neuroscience experts to help improve mental agility and support a more active and balanced life.

Designed to support brain health, these programs are all-natural, with no side-effects, and help ward off the effects of cognitive decline.

Brain support programs include:

Sleep remedy

Some people have problems getting to sleep, others have difficulties staying asleep, and even more feel like they don't sleep properly. Sleep problems can be related to brain imbalances. If you are looking for a sleep remedy, this brain support program may be the one for you.

Brain injury recovery

Brain injury recovery can be a long journey yet many brain injury symptoms are expressions of brain imbalance. In this program we focus on brain balance to help support brain injury recovery. As a result, many clients report improvements that they say are "remarkable".

Stroke rehab

Stroke rehab can be a difficult road yet, many of the effects are brain injury symptoms - which are expressions of brain imbalance. In this program we focus on brain balance for stroke rehab. We have seen clients regain sense of smell, taste, hearing, speech, muscle control, physical balance, coordination and improvements in reading, writing, energy levels, and more.

Brain assist

Brain assist is like roadside assistance to help your brain get "unstuck." In this brain support program we focus on brain balance to help you get "unstuck." Just bring your intentions and we do the rest to make sure you are freed from what's slowing you down.


See the kind of brain support results others have achieved with our brain support programs.

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