Brain problems

brain imbalances

Brain problems are vastly under-recognized

Brain problems are one of the most under-acknowledged but critically important issues of our time.

Athough the problem is vastly under-recognized, awareness is growing.

The recent explosion of brain power books, along with easier access to meditation and yoga centers have played a big role in raising awareness about healthier brain functioning.

Brain problems can originate early in life

Even though the brain is resilient, it is fragile - much more so than most people realize.

The brain is especially "tender" when we are young, before neural networks and brain patterning have become well established.

Stress, trauma, or any number of other factors can "hard wire" brain imbalances that then become the dominant way of being (or reacting).

Brain problems can be caused by too much stimulus

Your brain is now exposed to, and receives, thousands of times more information and stimuli than people received only a few generations ago.

The ever increasing load of brain stress wears us down, destabilizes healthy brain balance, and causes a range of brain problems that are at the root of many health, relationship, and social issues.

Over time, people will learn to better filter and prioritize the ever rising tide of information. Until then, our brains will be increasingly burdened by the growing amount of "noise".

Brain problems can be caused by injury

The brain is extremely delicate and can be injured, affected, or altered much more easily than most people realize. It does not take much to cause an injury that can lead to all kinds of subtle and not-so-subtle brain injury symptoms.

Brain problems not only affect the injured, they affect families, friends, coworkers, relationships, jobs, and finances. The collective impact of brain problems on society as a whole is only just starting to be more widely recognized.

What causes brain problems?

Each year millions of people world wide suffer with brain problems from "obvious" accidents. Many end up in a medical setting and therefore have a higher potential to be acknowledged as brain injuries. However, these are only the tip of the brain problem iceberg.

Each year a far greater number of people experience what may seem to be more minor incidents, the kind that do not end up in medical settings. A knock to the side of the head from a fall. A bang on the head playing sports. A shake of frustration because a baby keeps crying. Going too far with alcohol or drug use. Even a nagging headache from exposure to carbon monoxide around a poorly vented gas appliance or fireplace.

Even a mild impact or incident can easily cause a brain problems, especially if it is to a region of the head that has previously sustained an injury/trauma. Brain problems can easily compound on themselves. While the person may think they are fine, their brain may have been injured. This can lead to all kinds of subtle or not-so-subtle behavioral and cognitive problems.

Who lives with brain problems?

Most people with mild brain problems are not aware that they are living with a brain injury AND that it is affecting them AND the people around them. For each brain problem that is acknowledged there are likely hundreds, perhaps thousands that go unrecognized. This is the part of the brain problem iceberg that is beneath the water.

Each year millions of new brain problems of all kinds are added to the already millions living with them. Year after year the number builds. The number of people living with and suffering from brain problems is not known. Nobody knows how deep the brain problem iceberg goes.

How to help brain problems

There are a number of different approaches that aim to help brain problems.

Brain train programs, brain support programs, and even meditation retreats can make a big difference to support those looking for help.

"The adult brain retains much of the plasticity of the developing brain, including the power to repair damaged regions, to grow new neurons, to rezone regions that performed one task and have them assume a new task, to change the circuitry that weaves neurons into the networks that allow us to remember, feel, suffer, think, imagine, and dream.

"Yes,…the brain can change its physical structure and its wiring long into adulthood."

Sharon Begley, Author

Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain

More fascinating brain books

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So true
John in AZ
Yeah i can tell you that i have struggled with a bunch of brain problems for most of my adult life.

I believe it had something to do with seriously strong smelling chemicals at my work but i have never been able to prove it - even tho i located the material safety sheets and they warn of potential problems with insufficient ventilation.

The ONLY thing my doctors have ever done is diagnose me with one bullshit diagnosis after another and pressured me to take more medications - all of which made me feel seriously shitty.

They don't know what the hell they are talking about. They are the ones that are the quacks. This whole world is upside down and back to front.

I got here roaming the images section of Google. That bird man caught my attention. I dreamed something similar when I was little. What does it mean?

Things could be so different
I have to wonder what the world would be like if genuinely good brain health was something that people actually understood and strove to achieve. What a different world it would be!

Angela S
Western medicine likes to give fancy names to groups of symptoms, they call it "a diagnosis." The reality is, it doesn't matter what fancy name you call them, brain problems are brain problems and they impact people and families very seriously.

The very reason that this world is in such a mess on so many levels is that our "outer world" is just a collective reflection of our "inner worlds" - nothing more, nothing less.

brain problems is an understatement
Makes total sense as it is clear to me that there are now all kinds of problems in society that did not exist only a generation ago. All the stimulus - noise - electromagnetic pollution has got to take its toll and have an effect on people - animals - our environment - and our very ways of being.

What do you have to say? Say it here...


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