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There is a growing fascination with the brain and the incredible number of ways it shapes our lives. Brain power books are the perfect place to learn more about your brain and what you can do to optimize it.

Here are some excellent brain power books we love:


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Chemical Imbalance vs. Training the Brain
I have been diagnosed with a chemical imbalance since I was 26, approximately 31 years. If I don\'t take my antidepressants or they stop working I end up in the hospital, which I have been in five times. I think I will be reading some of these books because I am so tired of this. My friend, who lost her husband to cancer, lost a son to drug overdose three years ago, and tomorrow I go to the funeral of her other son who committed suicide because he could not live without his older brother. I think that is why I am on this site today. I lost a brother to suicide. God bless us all.

Loved it
Recently read the book by Lee Gerdes - Limitless You. Very refreshing and interesting. It's simplicity makes so much sense. Highly recommended to anyone tired of dealing with doctors and the complexity that they bring to the subject of brain health.

Two thumbs up for Bruce Lipton
I recently read "The Biology of Belief" and loved it. Really interesting and a refreshing way of looking at things - that made a lot of sense to me.

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