Brain fog - modern epidemic?

Brain fog affects countless millions of people and almost everyone experiences it from time to time. It can include feeling spacy, confused, forgetful, lost, tired, along with difficulty thinking, concentrating, focussing, and completing tasks.

Although brain fog is not recognized as a disease or disorder, it is a "condition" or form of "cognitive dysfunction" that most people can identify with. A surprisingly large number of people live with brain fog and think that because they regularly (or constantly) feel foggy that it must be normal.

Brain fog is not normal, it is an outward expression of one or more imbalances due to impaired cellular functioning.

Although the brain weighs about 3% of our body mass, it uses about 30% of the calories. It requires a significant amount of energy, oxygen, and nutrition. It is also delicate and sensitive. Impaired energy production, allergies/sensitivities, changes to "fuel supply" (nutrition) or oxygen supply can profoundly affect brain functioning and cause brain fog.

Brain fog can be caused by a wide range of "forces":

brain fatigue

Dehydration / Insufficient Hydration
Candida Overgrowth
Chronic Fatigue
Food Intolerences/Sensitivities
Nutrient Deficiencies
Metal Toxicity and Mineral Imbalances
Liver, Kidney, and Bowel Toxicity
Problems with the endocrine system
Poor Oxygenation
Structural Misalignment
Electromagnetic Pollution
Brain Stress
Other Causes

Dehyration / insufficient hydration can cause brain fog

Almost every function in the body is monitored and tied to the efficient flow of water within the body and proper hydration at a cellular level. Water plays the key role in transporting hormones, chemical messengers, nutrients, and range of other processes.

Most people are chronically dehydrated but do not know it nor understand the importance of proper hydration.

Coffee, tea, sodas, and juices are simply not substitutes for water. In fact, many flavored drinks are dehyrating.

Thirst is not an early-stage signal of dehyration, it is a late-stage signal. It takes several weeks of drinking sufficient amounts of good quality water to attain proper hydration at a deep cellular level.

Hypoglycemia can cause brain fog

Hypoglycemia can starve the brain of fuel triggering brain fog. Unlike muscles, the brain does not store fuel - it must have a steady fuel supply. The brain is very sensitive to changes in fuel supply. If the fuel supply varies, it is somewhat like changing the voltage to a computer or sensitive piece of electronic equipment.

Common symptoms of hypoglycemia are confusion, irritability, forgetfulness, and even blackouts. When affected, a person may not be able to remember important details like their name, address, or phone number. Symptoms usually occur several hours after a meal, and may come on suddenly. Eating a piece of fruit or something with sugar can often relieve hypoglycemia symptoms within 10 or 15 minutes.

Many people, including young children and adults of all ages, experience large blood sugar swings throughout the day. A breakfast of sweetened cereal, pastry, or juice drives up blood sugar. This is followed by a mid morning drop in blood sugar which many attempt to relieve with a sweet snack, juice, soda, or sweetened drink. This pushes blood sugar back up again, followed by another drop around noon.

Lunch may include soda pop, sweetened sauces (ketchup, salad dressing), bread rolls, pastas, chocolate milk, and other food which contain sugar or affect blood sugar.

Blood sugar then rises, and falls again at mid-afternoon. Blood sugar swings can make it very difficult, if not impossible, for people to think clearly. Blood sugar swings are also closely tied to energy levels and mood swings.

Help balance blood sugar levels with:

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Candida overgrowth can cause brain fog

Brain fog symptoms can be due to the production of alcohol and acetaldehyde by the Candida organism (yeast organism). Although no alcohol is actually consumed by the person, it causes them to behave as if slightly inebriated. Acetaldehyde is also toxic to the brain.

Fruit, juices,and other sugars feed Candida and can bring on symptoms rapidly in susceptible people. Carbohydrates break down to sugar in the intestines. Excessive carbohydrates in the diet can also cause symptoms, usually of a more chronic nature.

Brain fog can also be caused by a yeast die-off triggered by a dietary change, cleanse/detox program, or even a shift in metabolism. As the yeast die, they release various toxins that can induce symptoms of brain fog.

Chronic fatigue can cause brain fog

The brain requires a lot of energy. Impaired energy production or reduced oxygen upatake can significantly affect brain function and cause chronic fatigue-like symptoms.

Regardless of the cause, fatigue can cause mental confusion and symptoms of brain fog. This is particulary true of chronic stress and adrenal fatigue but also includes infections, illnesses, nutritional deficiency/imbalance, toxins, and other diseases.

Infections not only drain overall energy, they produce toxins that can cause brain fog. Illness(es) can impair normal metabolism which then affects brain function.

Nutritional imbalances are a common cause of brain problems. Toxins from insect bites, impaired digestion, exposure to molds, mildews, fungi, chemicals and many other sources affect energy production and cause brain fog.

Fight fatigue with:

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Food intolerances / sensitivities / allergies can cause brain fog

Food sensitivites and allergic reactions can directly affect energy production, leading to brain fog. Food reactions can cause histamine release within the nervous system. Nervous system allergies can be severe, including extreme irritability, confusion, and even psychotic behavior.

Food reactions commonly irritate the intestine, causing leaky gut syndrome and the absorption of toxins into the bloodstream. Many people are sensitive to wheat and cow milk products (the problem is, most do not know that they are). Anyone experiencing brain fog should eliminate these foods from their diet to see if the symptoms diminish. This reduces or eliminates brain fog for a surprising number of people. Gluten containing foods such as wheat, rye, oats, and barley can also cause reactions in susceptible individuals.

Some food and water-borne substances are neurotoxic. This includes pesticide residues, fungicide residues, heavy metals, bacterial toxins, fungal toxins, fluoride, chlorine, and other water contaminants. Any of these may contribute to brain fog.

Nutrient deficiencies can cause foggy brain

Significant improvement in brain function is a common side effect of proper nutrition.

The brain requires many nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Among the most important nutrients are calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, L-glutamine, L-taurine, choline, thiamine, B6, B12 and other B vitamins. B-vitamin deficiency is known to cause confusion, irritability, stupor, and even death.

Brain fog can also be caused by an electrolyte imbalance, which often occurs after excessive physical exertion, sweating, or vomiting.

Guard against nutritient deficiency with:

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Metal toxicity and mineral imbalances can cause brain fog

Brain fog and other more serious brain problems can accompany heavy metal toxicity. All toxic metals are neuro toxins, meaning they are toxic to our brains (in addition to our bodies). This includes lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, nickel, beryllium, and others.

While many foods including most kinds of ocean fish contain small amounts of toxic metals, a healthy body is able to eliminate most of these toxins. It is the progressive accumulation of metals in the system which leads to health issues including brain fog.

High levels of trace elements such as iron, manganese, and chromium can also affect brain activity and give rise to brain fog.

A common cause of brain fog is a copper imbalance. Copper induces the production of the biogenic amines, epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine. Copper also affects the thyroid gland and female hormone levels. Excessive copper or biounavailable copper can result in mood swings, spaciness, racing thoughts, and excessive emotions.

Causes of copper imbalance include stress, fatigue, weak adrenal function, zinc deficiency, birth control pills, copper intra-uterine devices, and copper contamination of food and water. Some women experience brain fog inline with their menstration.

Vegetarian diets are particularly high in copper and low in zinc (a mineral that balances copper). Vegetarian diets tend to be low in other nutrients essential for brain function such as taurine, carnitine, essential fatty acids, alpha lipoic acid, B vitamins, and others.

High tissue levels of calcium and magnesium frequently cause reduced awareness, mental fatigue, and brain fog. The condition is sometimes called a calcium shell, as the person may feel slightly numb. Elevated tissue calcium raises the voltage at which nerve cells fire, leading to mental heaviness and a feeling of numbness.

Liver / kidney / bowel toxicity, and/or poor digestion can cause brain fog

Toxicity can cause eliminative organs to be sluggish, resulting in brain fog. If our eliminative organs are not able to do their job properly, toxic chemicals such as ammonia remain in the blood stream. As the brain is delicate and requires a lot of blood flow, it is one of the first organs to be affected by toxins in the blood stream.

Sluggish eliminative organs are common due to the enormous amount of chemicals we are now exposed to on a daily basis. Liver diseases such as hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis, and others also impair liver function.

Stress, poor eating habits, weak digestive tracts, and intestinal infections, can cause food to putrefy and ferment in the intestines. Some of these toxins may be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can overwhelm the detoxification ability of the liver and kidneys. Constipation makes this problem significantly worse.

Not drinking enough water, or drinking soda pop, excessive coffee, and other irritating beverages can damage the kidneys and reduce their ability to remove toxins from the blood. Liver, bowel, and kidney function are also affected by emotions.

Liver and Kidney cleansing programs may temporarily relieve symptoms but they do not deal with issues such as food allergies, toxic chemicals in the diet, toxic environments, and nutrient deficiencies. Weekly Far Infrared saunas are excellent for detoxification. Daily skin brushing in the shower is a good detoxification method helpful for everyone.

Support improved detoxification with:

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Problems with the endocrine system can cause brain fog

Hormones are produced and regulated by the endocrine system. This system of glands throughout the brain and body regulate mood, growth, sexual function, reproductive processes and metabolic activity.

The endocrine system includes the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, thyroid, parathyroids, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries (women) and testes (men).

The brain and endocrine system are tightly linked together. Brain functioning relies on endocrine functioning. Endocrine functioning relies on brain functioning.

If the endocrine system has problems producing or secreting one or more hormones, in the appropriate amount, at the appropriate time, then a person may experience a wide range of "baffling" health issues including brain fog.

Problems with the endocrine system can cause problems with energy levels, moods, blood sugar levels, body temperature, sleep, sexual function, digestion, appetite, weight, and much more.

Poor oxygenation can cause foggy brain

A common cause of brain fog is reduced oxygen to the brain. This can be due to clogged arteries, improper breathing, or health conditions that impair oxygen uptake at a cellular level.

Shallow breathing is far more common than acknowledged and can cause spaciness, confusion, and impaired cognition. When under stress our natural breathing pattern is affected - people do not breathe as deeply and regularly. Fear and anxiety often cause restricted breathing patterns.

Physical diseases such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema can impair respiration.

Although not widely known, repeated exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide (chronic CO poisoning) can infuse into tissues in the body. The carbon monoxide becomes "locked" in the tissues, occupying oxygen carrying locations. This impairs oxygen uptake capacity.

Support improved oxygenation with:

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Structural misalignment can cause brain fog

A misaligned spine or pinched nerves may cause brain fog. The cause may be a head or body trauma. Sleeping in the wrong position, lifting incorrectly, and normal daily activities can also contribute to a nerve impingement that affects the brain. Chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation, physio therapy, and craniosacral therapy can be very helpful in dealing with structural misalignments, trauma, and the resulting brain fog.

Medication can cause foggy brain

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs can cause mental confusion, irritability, and other brain fog symptoms. This includes drugs for allergies, pain, high blood pressure, heart arrythmias, glaucoma, infections, depression, anxiety, inflammation, and others. Many people take more than one drug at a time which can have a wide range of unforseeable effects.

Electromagnetic pollution can cause brain fog

Electromagnetic fields (EMF's) from desktop computers, laptops, televisions, household appliances, cordless phones and wireless/mobile devices can [seriously] affect a percentage of people.

It is thought that up to 5% of the population is highly sensitive and up to 30% are moderately sensitive to electromagnetic fields. While the percentage of people affected by exposure to electromagnetic fields is up to debate, there is a growing body of evidence showing that far more people are affected by EMF exposure than recognized.

In all but the more serious cases, people affected by electromagnetic fields are usually unaware that EMF's are the cause.

All forms of "brain stress" can cause brain fog

Anything that causes a person to feel stressed - whether it be physical, emotional, financial, or environmental toxicity - all place stress on the brain and body.

While the brain and body is designed to handle and respond to limited amounts of stress, it is not designed for long periods of ongoing stress (especially if multiple stressors are occuring at the same time).

Chronic ongoing brain stress is thought to be a major contributor to the brain fog "epidemic."

Reduce the feeling of stress with:

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Other causes of brain fog

  • A foggy brain can be caused by a range of illnesses: a brain tumor, epilepsy, meningitis, encephalitis and others are potential causes.

  • Of special note is Lyme Infection which could be a silent pandemic. Some experts suggest that as many as 2 out of 3 people in the US population carry the bacteria (but do not necessarily show symptoms). Everyone who experiences symptoms should be tested for it.

  • Brain fog can be tied to brain fatigue.

  • Brain fog is one of the most common brain injury symptoms.

  • It can be tied to genetics (but only a small percentage of cases).

How to reduce brain fog

Brain fog affects millions of people and contributes to misery, poor productivity, failing school grades, crime, job loss, accidents, relationship and social problems.

  • Anyone experiencing brain fog can begin by improving diet and lifestyle. Reduce, or preferably, eliminate junk foods, heavily sugared foods, and highly processed foods.

  • Try taking a cognitive enhancer.

  • Reduce, or preferably, eliminate wheat, dairy, and other commonly consumed foods that may be causing sensitivities or allergic reactions.

  • Rather than soda pop, coffee, or a sugared juice drink at least 6 glasses of quality water every day (preferably room temperature water as it is easier for the body to process).

  • Be sure to get enough sleep, take time to relax, and make a point to breathe deeply throughout the day. Detoxification methods like cleanses, colonic irrigation, and saunas can be very helpful - for many, radically life changing.

  • In some cases, testing for allergies, illnesses, and brain diseases may be necessary. Brain fog caused by diet, lifestyle, toxicity, medication, spinal misalignments, and blood sugar imbalances does not show up in conventional medical tests.

  • Visit a chiropractor or osteopath to rule out structural causes.

  • Reduce levels of brain stress. Many people find meditation extremely helpful to feel calmer, more focussed, and have a stronger sense of well being.

Brain balance programs can also be exceptionally effective

It is now possible to "train your brain." Real measurable improvements can be achieved in weeks and without special knowledge or effort.

We have seen many clients with brain fog and it has become one of our specialties. With our brain training programs we balance the brain to help it self-regulate and function more efficiently.

In many cases this relieves clients of brain fog as well as other "symptoms" however, we do not "treat or cure" symptoms, we simply balance the brain.

Clients frequently experience an increase in confidence, an improved sense of well being, and more hope for the future.

Once the brain self-regulates more efficiently it positively affects all aspects of the person; issues that are psychological, physical, mental and emotional. There is no limit to the extent our brains can heal and grow.

Look to a brain train program, brain support program, or even a meditation retreat.

What do you have to say? Say it here...
I have recently been dealing with brain fog. I have been diagnosed with general anxiety, panic disorder, and major depression. I have been having a lot of intense seizures recently and I was wondering if that may cause brain fog. I am going to see a neurologist this week and I will see what he has to say.

brain fog
I have fibromyalgia and my family treats me like I am crazy and say what's wrong with you and do nothing about reading to learn more. I have no support. they do not believe I have been diagnosed.

Brain Fog
Maggie O
I have had this fog for over 30 years, I am 77 and most of my days are lost in this fog. I have great difficulty sleeping, no more than 3 hours at a time. About 2pm the fog seems to lift for a short time. My mind clears up and life is beautiful again. This has progressively gotten worse over the years. I have tried so many of the things suggested to to avail I know two of the food additives that cause me to lose days and that is Zanthan Gum and this new thing Carrigienien ( don't even try to spell it) After eating it by mistake I sleep for days. Not restful sleep. No doctor will look at it except the one that says I am a diabitic except the test say no. I have not given up yet

another concerned
Brain fog caused by chem-trails being applied to our skies which work their way down to you and me. The main stream media doesn't/won't report on this criminal act. All who oppose this should ask themselves if they want their children or grand-children breathing this toxic mix. Watch the skies and see for yourself. Sometimes life happens right in front of you and you don't even know it.

bowel problems WILL be cured with colonics
For Deepak. Try a few colonics. I have had about 30 in the past 9 years. Do not let all the negative hype about it scare you. It is kind of weird, not painful. I guarantee it will help.

Brain fog
Worried about my mum some one please (HELP) about a year now mum has suffed.She go like she is drunk then go down to the groung eyesF or still open but,Dos not know anyone? The she has the shakes witch will last about a week.Doctors have done test on her for hart stroke and nothing come up the other day she went down and was crawing aroung cause she could not get up???She all so told me it feel like her left arm is been pulled down?.It so hard to talk to her most time cause she forgets or she is he there and ever were please help or and l have got her on spring water and told her about some food.She is worried then when she go's out of it she will never come back and it getting worst Please help use.My email is Help l love my mum and dont want to lose her :(

A supplement that fixes my brain fog
I've had brain fog on and off all my life, I've recently found that gluten has been slowly poisoning me to the point where i had aches in my joints and back, brain fog, poor memory, vision issues, tingling skin (gluten ataxia), lethargy, could not sleep, life was a living night mare.

Removing the gluten fixed the aches, but the fog persists (probably due to decades of damage).

I tried Acetyl L-Carnitine... 1 gram a day mixed with water 1st thing in the morning.. Unbelievable.

After a week or so my cognition was coming back so hard it felt like I was on illegal stimulants!

I urge people to try it, it's worth a go.

Get tested for low testosterone.

I found that cutting out wheat, dairy, sugar, processed and refined foods, alcohol, not over eating (only eating when I get an actual hunger pang) and drinking lots of water inc warm water with squeeze of lemon juice first thing) really helped. Still not sure which it was that did the trick though!

brain fog and forgetfulness,leading to anxiety attacks
I have had these symptoms off and on for a year and a half. I to like RG forget how to say certain words i hear it in my head but cant seem to spit it out when needed,itrs almost like im learning over again,and I to will be in the middle of a conversation and walk off and I stop myself and think what the heck is your problem and turn back around and have to apoligize...its very annoying I went to the hospital and had all kinds of tests ran because i do have to take hydrocodone for pain and thought maybe it had something to do with it.....but all tests came back normal they gave my an anxiety medication and said it was bad anxiety because Ill freak myself out and as I do that my breathing shortens and i try to breath to much and cause my spouts of light headedness and feel as if Im going to faint.I really want to get a mri just to make sure its not a tumor or anything in my head, or maybe I have allergies I havnt been tested for those either.either way I know its very difficult to live with and just want it to go away...anyone else feel like this write and let us know Thank you Jennifer

I have brain fog
My absolute empathy goes out to everyone who has posted on this page who has had brain fog for so long.

I've been experiencing brain fog for four days now, I've been in the Emergency room twice for this condition because of how terrible it makes me feel and thus induces anxiety and panic attacks.

So far, I've not noticed anything that helps with my brain fog, I'm scheduled to see my family doctor in two days and I'm going to go over my symptoms. This page has been extremely insightful.

My email is , please e-mail me any breakthroughs you've had or are having with your brain-fog, or even discuss their worry and need someone who has the same symptoms and understands how awful it can be you can email me.

Getting tested for Lyme Disease
Joy Solay
I just wanted to add support to the comment regarding Lyme Disease. It causes brain fog and a whole slew of symptoms. If you have brain fog be sure this is seriously ruled out. Try a Lyme literate doctor who will do a PCR test if your Western Blot and other tests are negative. You can test negative on all tests and still have long standing Lyme Disease because the body stops making the antibodies that are tested for and because there are many strains of the spirochete that causes Lyme Disease.
MOst labs only test for a few strains.

Brain Fog Solutions
Hi there, I have experienced severe brain fog for the past 2 years. I haven't completely recovered yet but I have found the following things most helpful:

First things first basics: Diet (check out body ecology diet), Proper Hydration, Sleep, Fresh air and sunshine

Cleansing the bowels is essential and Near infrared sauna therapy can be a life saver
Other therapies include coffee enemas, slant board, Vitamin/mineral supplements, meditation

If you have been an alcoholic, high dose thiamine (up to 500mg or greater under supervision) either intravenously or orally may be needed, along with the other b vitamins (b12 especially)

If anybody needs any help or would like to share their ideas, I can be reached at:

"What about brain fog due to smoking pot? Whenever I smoke I notice I'm real foggy for a day or two or three. It's probably not the best thing but I feel it helps expand my thinking and creativity so I think it's worth it."

I too have brain fog from smoking pot. I used to get it occasionally and it would last a couple days. My friends and I called it a "weed hangover". One day however, I was out smokin' with some friends and I woke up with brain fog, and it wouldn't go away. I still have it and it's been 11 years.
I don't smoke pot anymore.
Not to encourage misuse of substances, but I've found that Vocidin and Xanax helps. Either one will reduce the brain fog by about 50%."

Is there any way to contact the people that wrote these comments? If you see my comment J. Sarg I would really like to talk to you if I could. I'll keep checking this periodically in case you respond.

Brain sshing
Heather Williams
Lwas just wondering why my brain makes this sshing sshing noise often l was told that other people have it l just want an answer as it becomes annoying .y

Had brain fog from marijuana
I was lead to this page after having bad brain fog or a cloudy mind, this was down to smoking marijuana the previous night after a long period of not doing it. Having this experiance has put me off smoking a little bit, seeing the subtle altering of my mood also accompanied with a weak tiredness feeling along with brain fog. Don't get me wrong I like the strong feeling of being present while smoking marijuana but the after affect was a definite downside. Are feeling a little better now as the brain fog had started to lift a little now.

Two things.
Two things that have helped me with brainfog
1. 9 hours of sleep every day.
2. 10 minutes of deep breathing every morn

And yes ppl generally (including myself) see brain fog as a "normal" part of life, since there nothing seems to help.

Imo it's preferable to try to get on your life with that new "normality" than spending time and money trying to solve a things no one know about.

Get test for classic things, like thyroid, major health problem like diabete, depression/anxiety, perhaps a MRI and spect if you can, then if all negative (as often in these cases) adapt to it, that's all

A vast majority of brain fog stories I've read from various places sound like cases of depersonalization/derealization, especially when sudden onset middle twentie, or triggered by stress/anxiety/medication/marijuana.

Brain fog and fibromyalgia
I have had brain fog for years now but its been worst for the last couple of years. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Most of the time i cant finish a sentence without struggling for words... Everyday words like vacuum, filter, smogcheck. i know what i want to say,i can describe what the word is but i just cant find the word for it. According to my children sometime in a middle of a sentence i would just walk away as if we were done talking. There\\\'s even an incident that i was driving and i would forget how to get to my destination. I would remember things and words in a few minutes but I realized that sometimes it would take days to remember words. Has anyone experienced these?

my brain fog
nathan richmond
i am 40 now, when i was 5 i had a pituitary tumor removed. since then i have been on a range of hormone replacement drugs. i must say i think i have suffered from brain fog all my life. i did terrible at school, scraped through university and scraped a job. i am still in my first job and have not progressed very far. all i hear on this website i can relate too.

i see a endercrine consultant once a year and offten have tried explaining that i feel my cognative ablities just don't feel right. i somehow just feel wrong when compared against my colleagues and peers.

i know i am intelligent, but my issues include: recall, short term memory, processing information in real-time (things come to me about conversations i have had hours or days later), making the links (i just don't make connections between things i hear, again i may later but not at the time for sure), i feel socially isolated, have huge difficulties in remembering names and even people i mix with they may be speaking to me and it takes me a minute or two to figure out who it is, my mind races shooting off down rabit wholes, i have problems concentrating, i sometimes am just staring off into space, etc, etc; more!!

until now i have never heard the term brain fog. this is something i can now reference when next speaking to my consultant. it sounds slike sleep can be a element of cause, and to his credit he has referred me to the sleep unit but this never came to any thing significant; though it did identify that i micro woke much more than the average during the night, hence i may not be ggetting as much REM sleep as one should.

i would be interested in any comments, help! i know there is an amazing person trapped in me and i am getting so frustrated because it is if i can not get him out! i want to shine!!


tingling and unbalance
Solomon Osayi
I want to know: what could lead to tingling in the arms and legs and sense of unbalance in the brain?

booze worse, far worse
i grow tired of all the bad press marijuana seems to get. Yes, it's harmful, anyone who denies that is probably in serious denial. How harmful is another story.

The harm caused by MJ doesn't even BEGIN to compare with the damage of chronic alcohol abuse.
This comes from an ex-drunk. During my drinking days the only time i didn't worry about brain damage from my drinking was when i was drunk. There were several times i couldn't even remember my own name. And i remember virtually nothing of the vast majority of my drinking years, all 20 of them.

Now i smoke MJ occassionally and it would come as a complete surprise to my coworkers or boss, they think i'm the best thing since sliced bread; no loss of motivation, no cognitive decline, no nothing. But i don't smoke tons of it, just a puff here and a puff there. In fact it helps me to concentrate.

The image of the burnt out stoner is a carryover from the Reagan years. There are some that do fit that stereotype but there are millions who catch a little buzz every once in awhile; no different than the person who has a couple beers or wine occassionally. As a parent i would prefer my kids to abstain from all drugs but if i had to pick one i would definitely prefer they smoke pot.

Alcohol is far and away the most dangerous drug on the planet:physical, mental deterioration, auto accidents, falls, broken marriages, abused spouses and kids, lost productivity, the list goes on and on.

Ask a doctor what they think. Ask a doctor how many of their patients problems are related to the drug alcohol. Ask them which drug poses the greatest threat. Which is also why so many doctors favor legalization or at least decriminalization.

I remember the first day it happened 8 years ago went to a md told him about my symptoms ran many blood tests found no problems after one year he told me he had no idea what was wrong i gave up complaining about it 2 years later company changed insurance and that meant a different doctor told him my same story gave me a ct scan which i had to pay 800.00 out of my pocket and said ther was small areas of dark spots on my brain which was caused by poor blood circulation and he left it at that so i have been living with this it come and goes some weeks age normal other weeks i scare my self just driving

Pot causes brain fog
J. Sarg
"What about brain fog due to smoking pot? Whenever I smoke I notice I'm real foggy for a day or two or three. It's probably not the best thing but I feel it helps expand my thinking and creativity so I think it's worth it."

I too have brain fog from smoking pot. I used to get it occasionally and it would last a couple days. My friends and I called it a "weed hangover". One day however, I was out smokin' with some friends and I woke up with brain fog, and it wouldn't go away. I still have it and it's been 11 years.
I don't smoke pot anymore.
Not to encourage misuse of substances, but I've found that Vocidin and Xanax helps. Either one will reduce the brain fog by about 50%.

Brain Fog improved with treatment
karen diaper

I was suffering with brain fog, until diagnosed with Antiphospholipid syndrome ( sticky blood) Treatment anticoagulation Clexane /Warfarin
I hope this helps someone

jesus rojo
my mind is clear w/out medications(sinemet),how do i solve my problem?

icant belive this , its so scarrrry and i wish i would of never know coz now its in my mind ... by the way go to goood website

Lyme Disease could be a silent pandemic, effecting as much as two thirds of the US population and present on all other continents. Everyone who experiences symptoms should be tested for it.
My symptoms over the last 5 years have come and gone periodically, mostly mental fog, muscle fatigue, and bouts of delirium.
We all know the establishment’s practices only target symptoms to allow infinite profit off human suffering. Antibiotics are insufficient; you will need a serious and significant treatment in conjunction with a reliable holistic doctor.

Can't beat this for a cause
As long as we want a complete list of causes, according to my Jyotish chart (i.e. East Indian Astrology), my moon (which has to do with memory) is lord of the 12th house (the house of loss); I have lost my memory. I am told there is another configuration of planets that can produce the same result. It is very hard to do public speaking or engage in conversation because I can't remember what I want to say.

I remember in early college, I could see in my mind what I wanted to say from beginning to end, and then express it from beginning to end. Some years later I lost it. I now can't see the next sentence.

Reply: Is Brainwave optimization neurofeedback on steriods?
Brain Harmony Center
Here is information which contrasts and compares Brainwave optimization to biofeedback as well as neurofeedback.

Is Brainwave optimization neurofeedback?
It looks to me that Brainwave optimization is a form of neurofeedback on steriods (so to speak). Is it?

Using Neurofeedback to help brain fog
Many countless numbers of people have been helped with brain fog by seeing a therapist who specializes in doing a form of biofeedback called neurofeedback. It helps the brain learn which brain waves are needed to be fully focused, alert, and alive. The changes look to be permanant. (Unless some insult or injury further compromises the brain.) Google the website which is dedicated to neurofeedback. They have many research articles for a multitude of different diagnoses that have been helped with neurofeedback.

Brain Fog and Lung Disease
TG Sorensen
I couldn't believe that you only touche3d on the subject without offering any type of answers except to sell something which wouldn't help. I have asthma and COPD and suffer brain fog and have for the last few years duew to my asthma. When your brain is deprived of oxygen it just won't work right. It does fluctuate though, but it is always a frustration. I have found that ephedrine does the best for opening up my lungs and allowing the oxygen to enter. Another trick that always helps for awhile is to push in the side of my ribs to try and get all the trapped CO2 out so that it can be replaced with oxygen. The result is immediate. For those of you with asthma, give it a try and good luck!

Over 40 years of brain fog
I have had brain fog for over 40 years. I am 61 years old lead a very active life and take many vitamins. Everyday I take benadryl and zymafled {which is a homeopathic inflamation fighter} When I was younger I went to Dr. Rapp she was on the cutting edge of food allergies. Tested for everything and allergic to almost everything so I just deal with it...good days and bad of luck

Jimmy, let's tell all the cancer patients to look into themselves for the cure too. What a bunch of morons they are for doctor visits, right? Have you checked out how many causes there are for that? You idiot, you can't "will" something away if there's a physical reason it's there. Stop commenting unless you're gonna help one of us out.

And I'm sorry for blowin up at you. Must be a symptom. I'll just try and think about it really hard to stop being annoyed by self-praised spiritually enlightened moron making suggestions to a group he doesn't belong to.

Brain fog due to long term Clonazepam use
Sreyoshi Chatterjee
I was a healthy young girl with magnificent brains till the time I was 18 who topped her class most of the years. Then all of a sudden within months before I turned 18 I started having severe cognitive decline. The doctors piled me up with anti-depressants and sedatives but all to no avail. Things progressively got worse and worse as days passed. A year later I was diagnosed with severe Fe deficiency anemia and put on Fe supplements. The sedatives and anti-depressants could be withdrawn within a fortnight. Associated symptoms such as insomnia, palpitations decreased. The intensity of the brain fog (cognitive impairment with amnesia) reduced slightly but still persisted. My doctors said that this was a result of prolonged clonazepam use. Within the next 6 months many of the problems decreased but the short-term amnesia persisted. 2 years have passed and it is no better. Is this damage permanent. Are there no ways at all to revert it? I am 21 year old and I need a good career and a job desperately. Can\'t be in such perpetual agony all my life.

brain fog
Look into
I am using the home care therapy kit (3 DVD, 3 books); the system has cured many types of diseases when conventional medicine has given up on people.
After many books on digestive issues by 'specialists', I have found this therapy and acupuncture the way to go. Its not easy, but to fix years of bad eating habits and who knows what else toxins, it can give you a quality life back.

Calcium Shell
Brain fog a lot of the time is sub-consciously induced through a Calcium shell as a way of protecting you from stress which you can get rid of through accepting that you are in a fog, ignoring it, meditating, and resting over a long period of time. The reason people can never get rid of it is because they stay anxious because of the foggy state which is only self-destructive. Thus you are in a never ending cycle of self inducing brain fog. Research calcium shells, I bet you will match all of the symptoms.

What an outstanding article.
The good brain teacher
I didn't know so many things can cause or contribute to brain fog.

As we learn in life, a good diet and exercise promotes good health, and that includes the all-important brain.

This just makes good sense. I have often wondered how teachers reach students who don't eat breakfast, eat junk and sugary foods and drink soda throughout the day.

22 years :(
Have brain fog 24 hours daily - last 22 years... have no idea how to treat it... Tried everything, but without success...

brain fog sinus issues
i have had brain fog for a year now and im pretty sure its related to my bad sinuses, my sinuses are always clogged and the inside area of my eyes becomes black and blue i also get sinus infections alot its sorta like im in a fog and tired all the time anyone else feel this way ?

many causes
So basically almost everything can cause Brain Fog?..hmm..maybe you have no idea what ur talking about..If you were to rule out all of the potential causes you'd be almost dead by the time u figured it out..I say live healthy mentally and physically and learn to unlock your human potential. Societal conditioning can turn your mind into a pile of mush. Think for yourself and break free from codependent behavioral patterns with life draining people and activities..empower yourself. Even the most traumatized and hopeless cases in life can be seriously improved with this notion. Ultimately the answers lie within you.

no cure in sight...
Just returned from the Mayo Clinic and still no answers!! Most doctors now think I am nuts... Have had brain fog for over 8 months now!!! Anyone who has had success getting rid of brain fog please let me know. I am at a point where I may choke one of these doctors. Looking for much needed help..

Good information
Thank you for the detailed info on brain fog. Good information.

finding route cause is a great step
i am 22 year old , having brain fog untill 21 , after i realized that this disorder is due to bowel toxin , i took some measures , it works really well ,brain fog blowed , if brain is an eye , then fog covers everything to see , but these measures helped me alot , now eye (brain) doing its work properly , but the problem is getting rid of bowel toxin , if any one knows clearly about bowel toxin please inform me , i beg u pardon ,

What about this kind of brain fog?
Better not say
What about brain fog due to smoking pot? Whenever I smoke I notice I'm real foggy for a day or two or three. It's probably not the best thing but I feel it helps expand my thinking and creativity so I think it's worth it.

Holy crap, I had no idea so many things could be behind a foggy brain - and I just thought I'd been drinking a few too many brews.

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