Brain fatigue - like drinking water from a fire hose?

Brain fatigue

Brain fatigue affects almost everyone from time to time however, people are now living with ever increasing amounts.

Millions of people endure brain fatigue that is debilitating.

There have always been reasons to feel occasional brain fatigue but now there are a whole new range of causes.

In terms of human history, this kind of brain fatigue is recent.

What causes brain fatigue?

We are continually exposed to information. Every conversation, noise, sight, smell, taste, touch, decision, feeling - it all has to be processed by your brain. These kinds of stimulus have been around since we lived in caves.

However, the amount of information we are now exposed to has increased more in the last 50 years than in the previous 5,000.

Brain stress comes from interuptions, phone calls, television shows, video games, email, internet, driving, billboards, information intensive workplaces, and the seemly endless amount of information we are exposed to.

"Every piece of information you are consciously or unconsciously exposed to - has to be processed by your brain!"

Consuming all this information is like trying to drink water
from a firehose that's blasting full-on.

It takes a substantial amount of mental energy to sense, interpret, filter, memorize, and act-on the ever increasing information overload.

The brain requires a steady supply of oxygen and proper nutrition in order to produce "brainpower" needed to deal with the onslaught of information.

The volume and speed of information adds up and causes the brain to become over stimulated and over activated. The modern way of life does not give the "mental engine" enough time or the environment for it to "cool down."

This type of brain fatigue is caused by too much stimulus and/or chaotic stimulus. Our brains are simply not suited for high levels of ongoing stimulus, constant interuptions, and continuous brain stress.

The volume of information and the endless number of distractions have given rise to an "Attention Deficit Disorder" culture.Brain fatigue

We live in an increasingly complex, fearful, and information intensive world. We are so busy-being-busy with relentless "pressure to perform." These forces combine to drain the brains energy reserves.

Brain functioning "crashes" when energy reserves drop below the level needed to keep it functioning.

Caffeine and brain fatigue

People with brain fatigue frequently turn to unhealthy amounts of caffeine and stimulants because their brain and body feels tired much of the time.

Caffeine is not a real solution, only a false and temporary "fix."

Caffeine "tricks" the brain and body into responding as if it were under threat - which triggers the hormone system (called endocrine system) and adrenal glands into a stress response.

Caffeine causes the body to increase levels of adrenalin. This creates an emergency rush of energy that is "borrowed" from the bodys energy reserves - all because the body thinks that if it does not immediately respond to the threat, it may not live to see another day.

Unhealthy amounts of caffeine are in fact energy depleting and can contribute brain fatigue.

Other causes of brain fatigue

Brain fatigue can also be related to a number of brain problems, brain fog, or brain injury symptoms.

How to reduce brain fatigue

Nutritionally combat brain fatigue with:

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  • Decrease brain stress factors: get more genuine quiet time

  • Work with brain balance factors: eat lighter healthier meals, be more physically active

  • Drink a minimum of 6 glasses of pure water every day (preferably water that is room temperature as it is easier for the body to process)

  • For fast results, look to a brain train program, brain support program, or meditation retreat

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makes a lot of sense
over the last week I been feeling very off my head and reading this article matches 100% the way I been feeling

Nature makes me happy
It's funny how most of the people who should seek this type of information are too ignorant to do so. Funny to me as I am always seeking to learn more things about the brain.. YAY ME!

good article. but shameless advertising? "BrainOn" I bet coffee is healthier.

brain fatigue-burnout
Type A personalities are prone to suffer from brain fatigue,
throw in life changing situations and you get the straw that breaks the camels back. Constant and on going stress is not good....slow down and smell the roses, life is short.

This artcile went ahead and made my day.
This artcile went ahead and made my day.

That photo sums up how I feel every morning!

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