Brain diagrams

Brain diagrams represent the brain in different ways. Here are a few we think have something unique about them:

Diagram of brain 

diagram of the brain 

brain diagram 

Labelled brain diagram 

More detail brain diagram 

brain photo 

diagram of the brain 


diagram of brain 


neurons in the brain 

diagram of brain

 diagram of brain balance  

 brain art

brain diagram

 brain art

diagram of the brain


brain diagram

Learn more about the different parts of the brainbrain waves and brain frequencies, and Brainwave Optimization.

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May I use a couple of your images
Maggie Schulz
I would like to use one or two of your images on my website to promote the effects of health and wellness.

Kind regards


Permission to use images
Your images are powerful to a middle school student and I would like to be able to use them to show my students as we discuss the brain. My ESL kids really need the visual side of what I talk about and your information and images would be excellent for those kids. May I use them?

Linda Ruiz
May I please have permission to copy some of your images in my powerpoint presentation?
Many thanks.

Dave Peterson
I would like to use one of your illustrations in a PowerPoint presentation?

Julie Gray
Is it possible to use these images in a blog post? I will credit your site as the image source.


Ask for permission
Margaret Hough
I would be grateful if you could give me permission to use some of your diagrams in a book I am currently writing about counselling. Your diagrams would help to illustrate a short section on neuroscience in the book.

Sherry Heinz
I am writing a research paper on classroom management and whole brain teaching. Can I use some of your images to demonstrate how WBT uses the whole brain??

Thank you,
S. Heinz

Permission to use images
Patti S.
I am teaching a unit on learning and the brain. May I please have permission to use a few of your images?

Permission to use
Diane Dykstra
We would like to use your images for educational powerpoint slides to present as part of our program - Veterans TBI Education Project, Grand Valley State University.

permission please
Hi, I would like to use one of your images in a presentation to my class in regards to learning. May I have your permission to do so? Kind Regards, Rachel

Darrell Dobbelmann
Could I use some of your brain illustrations in a book?

Ask for permission
May I pleases use one of your picture on a invitation for school. i would really appreciate it if i could use picture.
thanks sophie

can i use one of these
Lemuel Davy
Doing a power point presentation on cognition; could i have permission to use some of these photos?

Request for permission
I would like to use an image for my school paper on brain functions. May I have your permission?

Thank You

Ask permission
Jennifer Keller
I am composing a powerpoint on basic functional neuroanatomy to put on our hospital's education program for nurses to obtain stroke credit and would like to put some of your pictures in the powerpoint. Is that a possiblity? If so I would be happy to give credit for them in the powerpoint.

Ask for permission
Anne-Margrethe Linnestad
May we use one of your brain images to illustrate a E-learning programme that we are developing at our rehabilitation hospital?
Best regards Eva og Anne-Margrethe

would you please permit me to use these picture in my class.
would you please permit me to use these picture in my class.

Permission please
I'd like to use some of these images in a powerpoint presentation for a grad class. Viewing will be limited to those in my class. Thanks!

Ask permission
Darin Gerdes
These pictures are great--May I use them in class as I talk about leadership and how various parts of the Brain are working toward different tasks? Thanks.

may i ask permission to use this for my discussin

Permission to use an image
I would like permission to use an image of the brain for a workshop session to show how the brain is linked to learning.

Ask Permission
charity Khadiri
I would like to use one image for a ppt I am putting together with a team for a college psych class.

Permission to use some orf your diagrams
Samuel G. Waldron
I am doing on an autobiographical work on the Complexities of our Mind and Imagination.

May I use some of your designs for my work \\\\\\\\
Samuel G. Waldron
I am doing on an autobiographical work on the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Complexitiesof our Mind and Imagination, The Window Through which we view the world\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

Want permission
Chris Dec
I would like information on how to license or get permission to use brain illustration (blue, human head) in a collage that will be used as a published book cover. I need this information TODAY. Thanks, Chris Dec

Ask Permission
C. Shelton RN
May I please use some of your images for an educational teaching bulletin board for High School Students? I am a High School Nurse.

Permission to use illustration
Brian Burns
May I use one of these illustrations to use in a presentation concerning acupuncture? Thank You very much.

ask for permission
i would like to use some of the above images in my presentation board.i would like to ask your permission.tq and best regards anaz.

Hello, would I please be able to use part of one of your brain images for a design I'm working on?

Thank you - Paul
wheatfields at bigpond dot com

May I use some of these images in my dissertation, thanks

Ask for permission
Cindy Bolling
May I use some of your images for my GED class?

Ask for permission!
Aida Maddahi
I would like to use some of the images on your site to my scientific presentation. I wonder if you give me permission.
Best regards Aida

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