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Where can I get Info on this test, I have a lot of pressure on top of my head ,ssometimes dizzy, and it is very nerve-wrecking. It is going on for 6 weks, had a cat-scan, cant get an answer.


My brain training experience
The first thing they do is an assessment of your brain using their brain technology. They measure where you are at this point in time. How balanced or unbalanced are your brain waves in the major lobes of your brain? The brain training then suggests brain balancing protocols to be used during the ten or so sessions that usually are done when you become a client.

These protocols are tweaked and adjusted as they monitor your progress. You also will be asked to fill out a health questionnaire. While they ask about what you hope to accomplish in terms of your own physical and mental well being, their focus is simply to help the brain come back into more balanced and harmonious brain wave patterns.

They work with clients from all over the world. Their database grows daily as they work with clients. Because of the size of this database they have a very good idea what “normal” looks like. They are also able to match specific brainwave patterns to certain pathologies. They can tell that someone is depressed. But they can also tell if that person is likely to hurt themselves or not. They can see ADD, traumatic brain injury, anxiety states from the quick assessment they do.

When my assessment was done, they looked at the numbers without knowing anything from my questionnaire. Without knowing my medical history they basically looked at my brainwaves and could see that I was likely experiencing certain health challenges. My brain trainer asked me “ when did you have an injury to your head? Were you ever in an automobile accident?” Interesting as I had not told them any of this. My trainer could “see” that in my patterns. I was impressed and amazed.

My brain trainer also said I did not sleep very well, struggled at times with anxiety and depression - both of which were true. He said my left and right side were very imbalanced and “not talking to each other at all.” The same with the front and back of my brain.

He was concerned that I was taking some medications as sometimes medications can slow brain function and prevent the brain from changing very much. But he said it likely would not make much difference as my brain was already responding to the mini brain training session they do in the assessment.

Ideally, they like to do 10 sessions over 5 days. It's what they call an "intensive.” However, my schedule would not allow that so I did sessions over a couple of weeks. After the first session I felt a little “off”. Something had definitely changed but it left me feeling mildly uncomfortable. I shared that my brain trainer and he adjusted my next session. After the next session I felt much better. He showed me where my brain waves had been only 2 days earlier and where they were now. The pattern looked very different.

My brain trainer explained that the first session had shifted my autonomic nervous system from being "locked" in a sympathetic dominant position to a parasympathetic dominant position. This explained why I felt off. The 2nd session brought the sympathetic and parasympathetic patterns into balance. Now I felt really good and the feeling has stayed with me!

Perfect inner quiet and complete bliss
I recently did one of your meditation retreats.

I'm not new to meditation as I've done retreats in several countries, each with its own style of meditation.

Yours was unlike anything I have ever experienced. It was very unique and the results were head and shoulders above anything I have ever experienced.

Although I only did 2 sessions of 2 hours each day for a week , I also did all kinds of other activities while in Nelson, yet I feel as if I was at a silent meditation retreat for 3 months solid. Perfect inner quiet and complete bliss.

Truly astonishing. Blessings and many thanks!

Things I did not expect
Changes started during the very first session. After only half an hour of training I started to gain feeling in my heel which had been numb for several years.

I had swollen legs for a couple of years and this problem also went away after three days of brain training.

My blood pressure went from 160-98 to 140 - 83. I also got rid of the pain in my neck which was bothering me for a long time.

Gratefullness beyond words
I have now had over 100 sessions and look back at the unlayering of trauma - both physical and emotional.

My breathing has improved (I have been on Oxygen for 4 years due to a very serious lung disease) and many other surprises came my way. Including calmness, focus, more energy, a happier state of being, better math skills and, I'm quite sure, a higher IQ.

Thinking and doing are easier and relationships seem smoother. My eyesight is improving. My gratefulness for this technology, and in particular, the people who worked on me, is beyond words!

Feeling of perfect bliss for the first time ever
Wow is all I can say. After 6 sessions I started feeling really good. By the tenth session I have never ever ever ever felt so good in all my life. I finally know what real bliss feels like. Thank you thank you thank you!

Energy has come back
How can I thank you enough? I was not sure what to expect. But life was wearing me down and therapy was not something that worked for me.

I had been feeling stuck for a lot of years. Now the energy has come back; I feel like getting up in the morning; my food cravings have gone. It has made me more alive and aware of what I have been avoiding and holding on to that is no longer necessary in my life.

New found serenity
When I first started Brain Balancing I noticed an immediate calming of my mind. The irritating white noise that always seemed to be playing in the back of my brain just vanished.

I noticed just how much the Brain Train program was helping me when I stopped for a month and then came back to it. The results were immediate and even more dramatic. Where there had been disharmony and discord there was now very welcome serenity.

I describe this serenity as a radically reduced level of brain white noise resulting in an ability to better see the normal trials, tribulations, and challenges of life in any given day for what they really are.

Would I recommend this?
Before Brain Balancing
My symptoms were pretty common. High stress and anxiety. Feelings of inadequacy and being a loser. Fairly screwed up relationships and worst of all not feeling like I had any control over my life. My escapism was heavy pot smoking and not engaging life on its own terms.

Although I have always been a hard worker, when it came to working hard for myself I was always lethargic. I did not feel I was worth it. Obviously I always looked for confirmation from others and not from myself.

After Brain Balancing
After three sessions it felt like someone took the plug off the bottle of my energy reserves. I literally went and climbed a mountain and sat and pondered what was going on. The next thing I noticed that was significant was that I no longer enjoyed smoking. You have to understand that the whole process of rolling, lighting, inhalation and the smell was such a joy for me.

What was strange was that there were no cravings to do it anymore and the smell which I enjoyed for so many years was distasteful for me. I have not even touched pot for over four months now. This is a world record for me and the prospects of not having in my life is actually desirable.

The other very significant thing that I have observed is my lack of anxiety and fear. Although I am working part time jobs, which in the past would of been debilitating to me worrying about how I am going to pay my debts. The effect of late has been this feeling that things will work out and be o.k.!

This was confirmed when my unemployment ran out and yet I was still able to make all my bills.

Another thing that has happened is my creative side is coming out. I am writing music again which I have not done since 2000. I am engaging life again and trying new projects. Regardless whether they work out or not, I am alright with just the journey. I feel closer to spirit then at any other time in my life and the feeling of gratitude and humility for all that I have has been a over riding theme as of late.

One other thing that I have noticed is people are attracted to me. I have had some wonderful encounters with folks just coming up and talking to me. They see something in me that makes them feel safe. I really like that.

Would I recommend this?
Absolutely! I would encourage someone to do their homework and not to be put off by the simplicity of the process.

What I think it does is to clear the system of past programming, allowing the ability for more life affirming activity to occur. Almost like getting a new start, which for me has been a real blessing.

Positive and hopeful
At first I was quite skeptical but as the Brain Balancing sessions advanced, I found myself totally amazed by the results.

For the first time in years, I felt calm, focused, driven and peaceful. I no longer need to revert to drugs and alcohol for my depression as the veil lifted and I am now positive and hopeful about life's prospects.

What can I say but wow about Brain Balancing!
For more than 15 years, I have struggled with anxiety, stress and smoking. These issues were drastically elevated when I decided to put myself through university in my 30's while I was still working full-time. My first exam experience was difficult and exhausting, and my scores reflected my lack of stamina by the final day. Unfortunately, I did not pass.

As the second exam drew closer, I decided to give Brain Balancing a try. Within 10 days, I noticed a marked decrease in my anxiety level, plus I suddenly lost the taste for smoking for the first time in over 20 years. So not only was I able to give up a nasty old habit, I found that as the exam approached, I was able to better focus on my studies.

Instead of dealing with a rock of anxiety in my gut, I only had butterflies. During the exam, my nerves didn't overtake me and I felt more confident and clear-headed than I have in a very long time.

What can I say but wow! Thank you for all you have done!!!!!!!

Feeling balanced, centred and whole again
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you from the depths of my heart.

I had been an emotional mess for a year. Suffering from depression, anger, frustration, sadness etc. Of course I blamed an event that triggered me into a downward spiral but in actuality it was a lifelong struggle with finding myself and letting go of fears and getting into alignment.

I had tried everything in the past year (I thought) to keep myself happy and get out of the depression. I tried seminar after seminar, I read over 20 books, walked on fire three times, talk therapy, meditation, drugs, women, oh and did I mention more personal development seminars.

All to no avail, I would feel good for a while and then right back to the lethargic depressed state. I was hating life and lost my passion and the desire to get out of bed. And then through fate I was introduced to brain balancing. I was at my wits end and willing to try anything, so I read all I could and believed that this process could possibly have some affect on me.

After doing 15 sessions and returning home for 2 days I feel incredible. It is difficult to put into words what the quantifiable affects are, but I simply feel incredible. I have my passion for life back and I am back in the game. I now wake up before the alarm clock with enthusiasm and desire to achieve my goals and live the life I want. I cannot stop smiling, as if anyone would want to, but its strange, I now look at any situation that had disturbed me in the past with a bit of grin on my face.

There is a sense of calm about me, a knowing, feeling balanced, centred and whole. Again its difficult to describe but I am grateful to have the opportunity to write this letter. I look forward to returning to receive some additional peak performance sessions.

I want to thank you from my soul for helping me to get my life back.

Wish I could thank you enough
I thought I would write to you with an update of how I am feeling. It has been almost a month since the sessions...

I have have not had a drink, though I am looking forward to an occasional glass of wine with dinner. I am going to test the waters in a week or so. Who knows I may not like it at all!

The most incredible difference that brain balancing has made in my life is that it has helped me to facilitate major lifestyle changes. I am doing yoga most everyday after work and sometimes even before work (if I get up early enough). I also started a colon and heavy metal cleanse that is going well. I am feeling fairly exhausted during the day - even though I feel my sleep patterns are better. I am not sure what the utter exhaustion is all about...

Well, I saved the best and most incredible for last...I quit smoking on the 15th. Today is my 22nd day without a cigarette. I am using a very low dosage patch. I have used the patch before, but always had horrific cravings that were difficult to shake. After brain balacing, quitting smoking has been such a breeze, I can hardly believe it. I hav not had a single craving. Not even one! The first week, thoughts about smoking would come into my head but they went out of my head immediately. They did not linger and nag at me. Basically, I just had to get through the habitual part - after a meal, in the car, etc. I chewed gum to help. Now, I rarely have to chew gum and days go by without the thought of a cigarette even entering my field. It is truly amazing. I really attribute it all to your brain technology. I have never heard of anyone else having such an easy time of it. And I really know that I am done with smoking. It is wonderful.

Other than all the above, my life feels pretty normal. Well who knows - I think you said that I coud see changes occuring for the first few months. I must admit, I do actually miss the sessions and the euphoric feeling that I had during that week! : )

I wish I could thank you enough, I feel very blessed to have been able to experience this.

Thank you for my life back
More than 10 years ago a blood vessel ruptured in my brain and I suffered an aneurism.

As aneurisms go, it was serious. I was in a coma for more than 3 weeks, in hospital for five months, had several major surgeries, and have suffered with a long list of symptoms ever since that time.

Left with partial paralysis of the right side of my body, I could not walk properly, had poor balance, no physical stamina, major loss of taste, smell, and hearing. My right hand and arm did not work properly. My speech was broken. My train of thought wandered constantly. I stuttered and had difficulty finding and using the correct words.

I was constantly tired and needed to sleep during the day. I was unable to organize and do some of the most basic tasks, unable to read properly, unable to sleep through a night because of pain, unable to work, and unable to care for myself.

And after countless doctors and specialists, I was sentenced to the remainder of my life with these symptoms with little likelihood things would change.

There had been no improvements for many years.

Then I visited the Brain Harmony Center. In one week my life entirely changed. Within a few sessions the right side of my body started working. Then my stuttering stopped. I started speaking normally. My thoughts became clearer.

By the end of the week my hearing was back to normal. My smells and taste came back. I can now walk for hours. My sight is now normal. I can now read for hours at a time. I am able to sleep through the night without any pain and can easily stay awake all day with energy to spare.

Your brain technology is unbelievable. I have never been so happy and I am so grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My brain balance results
I had been living with a lot of stress for a long time - several years in fact. It included a divorce, moving to a new city, starting a new business, and living with symptoms from an accident and brain injury that seriously impacted my health and livelihood.

I was in a bad way and tried many different supplements and therapies. Some helped to some degree but mostly in the short term only.

I mean, a massage feels really great but the effects only last a day or two.

When I heard about the Brain Harmony Centre it sounded intriguing. I had been feeling so stressed and so tired and felt like I had nothing to loose. The concept of brain balance made a lot of sense.

Nothing could have have prepared me for what I experienced.

By my third brain balance session I started to feel noticeably different. The stress that had been locked-in just started to melt. By the sixth session I felt like a completely new person. My brain felt clean and I felt like I had been on a six month vacation.

By the end of my program I felt so calm, so at peace, so genuinely happy. Brain balance feels incredible and I have never felt as good in my entire life.

I am also sleeping so much better - the best I have ever slept - and because of it, so many other things have improved.

Thanks Jennifer!

I cannot believe how great the sessions were. It feels like my brain has just had an amazing tune up. My normal mental chatter is turned way down and I feel wonderfully calm.

If this is what brain balance feels like, I never want it to stop.

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